Welcome to the  3X3 City Food Tour, where we take you through a three course meal spread out between three different restaurants in the Miami Area. During this activity we will take you through the trendiest locations where you can enjoy your; appetizer, main course, and dessert consecutively throughout these three different neighborhoods in Miami: 

Wynnwood - The restaurants here provide a diverse range of delicious choices. It’s in a neighborhood responsible for some of the city’s top establishments. The Wynwood food tour includes a ride to the most famous well-known restaurants in the Wynwood area and back home. Unlike most food tours we will drive you to the destination instead of walking for miles. 


Miami Beach - More than just being renowned for its Miami nightlife, Miami Beach is home to a trendy food scene that has been attracting tourists and locals for decades. From succulent, freshly-caught seafood to wallet-friendly options, there are endless possibilities for the SOBE regulars. Join us to experience this melting pot of flavors that can only be found here. Make our Miami Food Tour one of your new favorite things to do in Miami.  

Brickell - The Brickell dining scene is white hot with a mix of buzzworthy new restaurants alongside longtime classics. Whether you’re here for business or simply want to explore a new neighborhood, a reservation with us, will give you a taste of the city between its towering skyscrapers and historic buildings.  

Little Havana - A vibrant neighborhood full of character and soul, Little Havana hosts the largest Latino street festival in the U.S.: the annual Calle Ocho festival. It is the first place many Cubans settled after fleeing Cuba, and is still a predominantly immigrant community with residents from across Latin America as well as Cuba. The famous Calle Ocho (SW 8th Street) boasts art galleries, live music and dance venues, plazas and public art, and many places where you can sample cigars, Cuban coffee, and both traditional and “fusion” Latin food. 

Your adventure starts here!