We have compiled answers, in a paragraph format, to the most common asked questions into four sections for your convenience. If you have any further questions for us that you do not get answered on this section, please feel free to send us a message  on the "Contact Us" section. 


While we pride in transporting all of our patrons to and from the tours back to their homes, we also offer tours to those that would rather get their own transportation to our activities. For those tour attendees  transporting themselves to our activities, you'll receive special instructions on where to meet and park. All tours run from 2  to 3.5 hours long , there is light walking involved in the tours where you will going on Art Walks, where you will be instructed to wear comfortable shoes. If there are attendees of the tour whom will not be eating,  they will have a reduced rate if they require transportation from us, or will not be charged if they acquire their own transportation. Most importantly if you have severe food allergies we recommend not eating during the food tours, since we cannot guarantee proper food preparation to fit your needs. We do however, try to accommodate  for food restrictions that are not subject to severe allergies.  We would like to also remind all of our customers that alcohol consumption is not permissible in any tour transportation vehicles.

Evening Destinations

Alcohol consumption is not allowed on our transportation vehicles going to and from our Evening Destinations. Persons found drinking in any transportation vehicle will be asked to leave without a refund, and will be responsible for their own transportation, no exceptions. After purchasing your ticket you will receive  an email with; instructions as to where drop-off and pick-up locations are and who to contact during the activity, you'll be supplied with a list of all venues whom offer discounts for Metro City Transportation customers in close vicinity to your Evening Destinations.


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For anyone bringing along their luggage or baby strollers, limited space is available in the transportation vehicles to store your belongings. Keep in mind that Metro City Transportation nor its affiliates will be responsible for your belongings while they are stored.  Our Tours and Evening Destinations  must meet a minimum of attendance otherwise that particular tour gets canceled. In these instances all customers can either get a refund or credit for a tour at later date at the customer's choosing. To cancel your reservation, you may do so up to 72 hours before the day of the activity (tour) date, by sending us a message through our form under the "Contact US" section. Metro City Transportation does offer private tours, please refer to our Miami Private Tours section on our website for more information and more answers to questions on getting planning your unique activity. Thank you for visiting our FAQ page.